The Decline of America: Two Views

The “Occupy” and “Tea Party” movements, for all their warts, have something of truth in them– even if it is simply the kind of truth that says, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but I know something’s wrong.” In other posts I’ve questioned the mostly unexamined idea that politics is the realm in which “what’s wrong” can be addressed, and that politicians running for president are adequate repositories for our “hope” and yearnings for “renewal.”

Tonight, I want to lift up two important articles on the theme of American decline. They are long articles, but reward careful reading. I offer them as a critical lover of America, and as a concerned patriot.

The first is by James Fallows, and appeared in the January/February 2010 issue of The Atlantic Monthly. It is called “How America Can Rise Again.” Click here for Fallows’ article.

The second article appeared in the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs. Written by George Packer, it is entitled “The Broken Contract.” Click here for Packer’s article.


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