Things Change; Give Thanks for the Day

Yosemite Valley

Part of the balance that religious realism gives us, is the reminder that life is transitory and fragile. There are, still, only 168 hours every week. This is a helpful reminder to princes, paupers, and all of us in between– a reminder to be humble and thankful for the gift of daily bread, for the gift of human and divine forgiveness, and for the gift of any intimation– no matter how small– that the Kingdom of God is here now already, if not yet in fullness.

Religion in the Balance will be taking a 10-day break, out to San Francisco and Yosemite. In preparation, I loved this somewhat dark–yet realistic–assessment of dangerous trees, from the National Park Service:

While the National Park service seeks to identify and remove threats due to hazard trees, trees without apparent defects also fail and tree hazards cannot always be immediately identified and mitigated; several catastrophic tree failures have left visitors seriously or fatally injured in Yosemite…. Be aware of your surroundings, especially away from developed areas, and keep in mind that some trees may fail at any time. (emphasis added)

Give thanks for the day.


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