Don’t Look Here

The Politicians

EJ Dionne, another thoughtful and balanced observer of American culture, has a trenchant (love that word) commentary in Commonweal about the debt crisis, and the growing failure of politicians to provide leadership. An excerpt, and the link, are below.

We expect too much of our politicians, but even the minimum that we can expect– some semblance of seriousness– is missing. That’s a problem, but it’s hardly– sorry to say– new.

It’s my contention– and will remain my contention until I change my mind– that the problems and challenges we face here in the early 21st century are better addressed by artists, psychotherapists, theologians, and prophets than by politicians. In other words, our problems and challenges are more about spirit and meaning, than they are about law and policy.

EJ Dionne writes:

The first week of August 2011 will be remembered as a singularly irrational, wasteful, and shameful moment in the political and economic history of the United States. It reflected much of what is wrong with the priorities of our political elites and the obsessions of those who now hold effective veto power over our government….

via Debt Debacle | Commonweal magazine.


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