What Makes This News Good?


In this Aug. 19, 2009, file photo, a shopper leaves a Gap store in Palo Alto, Calif. Gap will open 100 of its stores nationwide on Thanksgiving Day rather than waiting for Black Friday. Paul Sakuma/AP/file

The Christian Science Monitor reports that more stores are opening “on Thanksgiving Day, rather than waiting for Black Friday.” So let me get this straight: the day that we have set aside to remember what we have received, is now becoming just another day to see what we can get?

I’m exaggerating, of course. But still, I am prompted to wonder: where, in our society, do we reflect on our values and test, critically, our assumptions and standard operating procedures? Where do we ask, “What are we missing here?”


One thought on “What Makes This News Good?

  1. Your illustration of a bag from The Gap symbolizes your thoughts, Chris. The gap between consumerism and the spirit of Thanksgiving is vast. What I love most about this particular holiday is the expectation that we will gather and share with loved ones. Thanksgiving is the epitome of family values–shared food and shared memories.

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