Theology Matters

Terry Jones (more about his plan here) thinks Islam is of the devil. He’s not the first Christian to make that mistake, and he won’t be the last.

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that someone, or some group, is of the devil, you are permitted– even enjoined– to obliterate it. The Qu’ran is his Salem witch: burn it at the stake. Such an enraged response to a perceived threat is, ironically, just what the devil wants: chaos, destruction, the unleashed death-force. Yes, evil exists. Unfortunately, Terry Jones is unable to identify the real Enemy, which leaves him vulnerable. The devil is, among other things, a master of disguise.


3 thoughts on “Theology Matters

  1. Great points, Chris. Whether the pastor is misguided by his own personal demons or simply an inflated sense of self, he is indeed neglected the many faces of evil in this world. Glad to see that religious leaders, politicians of all cuts and media outlets are giving him a wide berth. He certainly has a right to his opinion, but perhaps we should say when someone is dangerous to others …

      • I concur. The media, especially the 24/7 media need to re-examine their policies on covering hate speech/hate action. A backing off the rush to cover might cause politicians to stand down, too. But who knows. The pursuit of ratings isn’t for the meek …

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