We’re Still Here at the “Ground Zero” Mosque. What Does That Mean?

I went out to the barn at the end of last week to build a stall for the calf, expecting to be blogging about something else this week. A quick survey of the news revealed that we’re still here.

Whether a mosque should be built two blocks from the World Trade Center site is a question that’s been pretty fully aired; whoever has an opinion on this is not likely to suddenly see the other side’s reasoning and be convinced.

The interesting questions at this point are: 1. What are the dynamics driving the passion on this issue, and what does that say about who we are, as an American society, in 2010?; 2. What role do church and faith-community leaders and institutions have, in offering guidance for that society? (In other words, how do we– in general– bring wisdom (rather than adrenaline) to bear on vexing public questions?)


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