Book Your Flight on Bulgaria Air…

From Howard Friedman at “Religion Clause”:

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that the Bulgarian government is hoping that tourism receives a boost after an archaeological discovery on an island off Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. Archaeologists and clerics say they have found bones belonging to St. John the Baptist, who is particularly revered by Orthodox Christians. The remains, including a skull fragment and a tooth, were discovered during excavation of a 4th century monastery on St. Ivan Island. They were buried next to a small urn inscribed with St. John’s name and birth date. Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church says they are authentic. The government is spending millions of dollars on items such as a new parking lot and new signs in preparation for a flood of tourists. However a number of countries claim to have bones or body parts of St. John.

via Religion Clause.


2 thoughts on “Book Your Flight on Bulgaria Air…

  1. I’m not convinced. During the 4th Crusade, when a Crusading army funded by the Venetian Republic sacked Constantinople (isn’t medieval history fun!), they carted away TWO heads of John the Baptist. However, Bulgaria is worth a trip!

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