Ramadan Begins– take a moment to reach out with a generosity grounded in God

Ramadan begins today– a time of intentional self-denial for Muslims, an opportunity to re-focus one’s life upon God.

In response to the recent spirit and words of fear that have marked some people’s reaction to Islamic centers and mosques being built in New York, Tennessee, and California; and as an act of generosity and grace grounded in the God of Abraham, here’s something we can do: we can offer Ramadan greetings to Muslims and Islamic communities near us.

I sent this greeting to a Muslim acquaintance at the Worcester Islamic Center in Worcester, Massachussetts: “I offer my best wishes and prayerful blessing upon you and your community as Ramadan begins.” It’s a simple, respectful acknowledgment that this is a special time for Muslims.

For readers in New Hampshire, you may find email addresses to send your Ramadan greeting, at the Islamic Society of Greater Manchester: http://www.isgm.net/home/index.php  (You can copy and paste this address into your web browser; “Contact Us” is in the sidebar at the left.)


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